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Name:Dr. Winifred Burkle (aka Illyria)
This is Dr. Winifred Burkle/Illyria six years after the finale of Angel. She is an AU based strictly upon that canon and doesn't reflect events that occurred in the graphic novels.

This is what has happened to her since the finale:

She survived the battle in the alley, but found herself alone with no idea whether any of the others survived. Incidentally, the amulet that had brought Spike back was near her, so she took it with her; she has no idea whether its reappearance meant that Spike had been killed or not but hopes that if he was, she can at some point use it to bring him back yet again.

In an attempt to avoid contact with Wolfram and Hart and their allies, she reassumed the identity of Winifred Burkle and took up a teaching position at an East Coast college. She completed the doctorate that Fred had been working on prior to her disappearance, and began looking for work as a full-time physics professor... preferably at a school with enough funds and equipment that she could pursue her own pet project: restoring her lost powers.

When she was unable to find a suitable position, she began searching for one via the multiverse Nexus, and found a very unusual position indeed...

((RP purposes only, no copyright infringement intended, Amy Acker owns her face, the makers of the shows she was in own the images of her in those shows, blah blah polysyllabic blah, all in fun.))
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